26-04-2022, 13:45


The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said that the fate of many Yazidis, who have been kidnapped and raped in northern Iraq by a ISIS organization since August 2014, which is still unclear, does not know their fate.

ISIS organization took control of the Sinjar district and villages west of Mosul and the center of Nineveh governorate in northern Iraq on August 3, 2014, and carried out genocide against Yazidis, killing men and youth and taking women, girls and children as spoil to trade them in the markets of sexual slavery and forcing them to abandon About their religion under the threat of rape, and then sell them to those who remained with great money.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights that "Statistics indicate that 550 thousand Yazidi live in Iraq until 2014 but displaced by the invasion was about 360 thousand people, and the number of deaths in the first days of the invasion of 1293 dead.


In an interview with the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, survivor Shatha Bashar, 28, said: "The organization kidnapped me in August 2014, along with a number of Izhidias in the village of Shankal, and ended up in the Syrian city of Raqqa, and I was sold from one person to another."


She also said "I tried to commit suicide many times. I also tried to escape whenever there were bombing operations by Iraqi forces or coalition forces, but to no avail. They caught me every time. Every time I was tortured and beaten, my little brother who claimed that my son took him to a place Is still unknown".

She added "I have been raped by several men from ISIS , and after hearing the liberation of Mosul, increased the torture More than three years later, I managed to communicate with the kidnappers' office in Mosul to be sold to my brother DAWOOD  for $ 1,000, and so I was released".

Shatha suffers from poor psychological conditions because of the suffering, torture, and loss of her little brother, despite her return to her family in Sinjar.

According to the statistics of the General Directorate of Yezidi Affairs in the Ministry of Awqaf of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, the ugly crimes committed by the organization "ISIS" against the Yazidis since the third of August 2014.

"The number of orphans from the father's side was 1759, from the mother's side 407, and the orphans from the parents' side reached 359, while the children of their parents in Nennen numbered 220, bringing the total number of orphans to 2,745".

Director General of the Directorate Khairi Buzani during an interview with the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, Quoted on He added that "the number of mass graves discovered in the Shangal area to date 71 mass graves, in addition to dozens of individual cemetery graves, and the number of religious shrines and shrines that were destroyed by ISIS are 68 shrines, and the number of those who emigrated out of Iraq is estimated at (100.000), while The number of abductees of both sexes is 6417, with 3548 females and 2869 males.



He also said, "The number of survivors reached 3342, 1161 women, 337 men, 966 female children, 878 male children, the remaining 3075, 1421 females and 1654 males".


Khadr Domali, a researcher on Yazidis said that "This file needs official attention and international support until the fate of the missing is determined and mechanisms are found to search for them. The serious initiatives are absent in this regard, as it is the families of the victims who follow the fate of their children, exhausted by the lack of money, The organization is still controlling them, and they expect their missing people to be there".


"It is necessary to form an international team to connect with Syria and Turkey, as well as to support the community team to communicate with tribal leaders and regional leaders who were controlled by the organization," he said.


The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights says it is not reasonable for the Iraqi government to remain silent in the face of this humanitarian catastrophe. It is necessary to establish and support an international team to search for victims whose fate is still unknown. ISIS organization has lost control of Iraq and Syria.