Zahraa ali
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Zahra Ali is a sociologist and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University, her research explores dynamics of women and gender, social and political movements in relation to Islam(s) and the Middle East and contexts of war and conflicts with a focus on contemporary Iraq. Her book Women and Gender in Iraq: between Nation-building and Fragmentation published by Cambridge University Press in 2018, is a sociology of Iraqi women’s social, political activism and feminisms based on an in-depth ethnography of Iraqi women’s rights organizations and a social history of Iraqi women’s social, economic and political experiences since the formation of the Iraqi state.

Toby Dodge

Toby is a Professor in the Department of International Relations. He is also Kuwait Professor and Director of the Kuwait Programme, Middle East Centre. Toby currently serves as Iraq Research Director for the DFID-funded Conflict Research Programme (CRP). From 2013–18, Toby was Director of the Middle East Centre. Toby's research concentrates on the evolution of the post-colonial state in the international system. The main focus of this work on the developing world is the state in the Middle East, specifically Iraq:

Balsam mustafa

The University of Warwick · Department of Politics & International Studies Doctor of Modern Languages (Translation Studies)

Aida Kaisy

Aida Kaisy is a Media Reform Advisor and teacher at the University of London in the School of Oriental and African Studies. Having specialised in media in Iraq at the LSE Conflict Research Programme, she has worked extensively on media development projects across the MENA region, including Iraq, Palestine and Jordan. She is currently working on a number of projects which primarily focus on issues related to youth engagement in media, media in conflict, gender and the media, and the development of independent media platforms in the MENA region.

Muath almomani

Lawyer and human rights defender. He has been active in civil society for 25 years. An expert in international human rights mechanisms, he provides ongoing training to human rights defenders in the Middle East and North Africa region.


Mustafa Saadoon

Mustafa Saadoon is an Iraqi investigative journalist who has dedicated himself to the field of journalism since 2008. Throughout his career, he has contributed his insightful writings to renowned publications such as Al-Monitor, as well as numerous local and Arab organizations. In 2014, Saadoon took the initiative to establish the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, driven by the noble objective of safeguarding human rights and amplifying the voices of the victims. This platform serves as a vital avenue for Iraqis, particularly the youth, empowering them to freely express their perspectives and advocate for their fundamental rights. Consequently, the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights stands as an authoritative voice for the victims, ensuring their stories are heard and their rights are upheld.

Omar Al-Jaffal
Deputy Head

Omar Al-Jaffal is an Iraqi journalist and researcher based in the capital of Germany, Berlin. He has been working in journalism since 2008, and is a contributing writer for a number of media outlets including Al-Monitor, Al-Safir Al-Arabi, and Asia Times. He also worked as a researcher at the Middle East Center at LSE University in the UK. He is the editor-in-chief of Jummar.

Shams Allachmawi
Senior Assistant

Shams Allachmawi serves as the director's assistant at the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights. She joined the organization in 2023 and assumes various key responsibilities in support of the director's role. These include offering assistance to the director, undertaking project evaluations, engaging with stakeholders, translating crucial reports, and overseeing the IOHR’s LinkedIn account. Shams brings valuable expertise to her position, having obtained a bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Affairs.

Abeer Alhadithi
Administration and activities

Responsible for administration and field activities at the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, she previously worked in a group of organizations and companies, including the British Ammar Foundation, to monitor and document human rights violations in refugee camps.

Farah Ahmed
Communication Officer

Farah Ahmad - Communication Officer at the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights, she joined the organization in 2015. Specialized in international relations and politics, she has worked in various positions in international organizations in the region.

Ismael Saad
Legal Officer

Ismail Saad - An Iraqi lawyer, he joined the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights in 2019, and is responsible for the legal department, and practices the legal profession in general, especially with victims of human rights violations. He represented the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights in a number of local and regional activities and believes that defending human rights is a moral obligation for every human being.

Adnan Jaafer
Capacity-Building Consultant

Is capacity-building specialist. He has managed various training programs at different NGOs, firms, and media outlets. Adnan is also a researcher and literary translator. He holds two B.Sc. degrees in Information Technology and Biochemical Technology. Adnan speaks native Arabic and fluent English.

Qassim Hassan
Monitoring and documentation

An Iraqi journalist works in the Monitoring and Documentation Department of the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights. In recent years, his work has focused on human rights issues in southern Iraq.

Shahad Hadi

Shahd Hadi is an administration and coordination officer who worked in a number of institutions and projects with the UNDP as well as with the Gulf Center for Human Rights in Geneva. She has been working with the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights since 2018, and is specialized in business administration.

Wissam Almola
Media and relations

An Iraqi journalist, who started working in journalism in 2007. Since 2008, he has worked as a correspondent in the Iraqi Parliament for a group of news agencies. He also worked as a relations officer in a number of local and Arab institutions, including MBC Iraq.