World Press Freedom Day 2022

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said that freedom of press in Iraq is much lower than it should be in a country that raised the slogan of democracy nearly 20 years ago, and its constitution guarantees the right to express opinion and obliges the

Assassination the activist Reham Yacoub in Basra

Reham Shaker Yaqoub is an Iraqi civil activist who became prominent in the protests in Basra Governorate in 2019. She specializes in food stores. She was assassinated on August 19, 2020 by unknown gunmen while she was in her car in Basra Governorate.

Human Rights Day 2020

On International Human Rights Day 2020, the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights did not issue any statement or report on this occasion, in protest of the killings and violations that activists, journalists and human rights defenders were subjected to in