4-10-2022, 22:11

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights calls on the Iraqi government to provide urgent protection to Al-Rabaa(4th)satellite channel and its employees after it was stormed by a group of followers of the Sadrist movement.

Employees working for Channel 4 called on the Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights to appeal to the government, whose duty is to prevent all acts of violence and to provide protection for the media, which is the backbone of any democratic system.

Videos showed angry demonstrators storming the channel building in the Karrada area, destroying its devices. The force that is responsible for protecting the Channel could not prevent them from breaking into.

Al-Kadimi's government must provide protection for the media, even those that have an opposition voice or do not agree in their orientations with the government's directions.

Differences of opinion should not be confronted with violence and threats, but rather with the other opinion, and this is what the Iraqi constitution guarantees in Article 38.

Political forces should not use their audience to silence the voices of those who differ with them, but rather confront them with opinions, especially since media platforms have become more and more unconstrained and not limited to a certain party.